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This 300-MPH Bullet Train Will Take You From D.C. To New York In An Hour

Investors in the Northeast Maglev (TNEM), an American company with funding from a Japanese government bank, say that a superconducting magnetic levitation train is the future of transportation between Washington, D.C. and New York City. If successful, the Northeast Maglev would carry passengers one way in 60 minutes, and from Baltimore to D.C. in 15 minutes. (Magnets! How do they work?)

America is afraid of the Maglev trains.  mostly because the trains operate so quickly that regular trains won’t be able to cope with their speed. it will mash up the rail delivery business.  as well, these trains will change the transit business if they are eventually deployed coast to coast.  the airlines won’t like that.

I’ve taken the TGV to South of France and it was breathtaking.  there is really no other way to travel so quickly and reasonably.  if america invested in Maglev it could change the entire economy immediately.

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